Questions and answers about Guasha treatment

What is Guasha?

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese treatment method that uses a thin, blunt spatula to manipulate tissues. The splint is slid over the oiled skin with little pressure. The instruments I use are usually metallic and the oils natural. I use an infrared heater and silicone cups, which softens the tissue and makes the treatment more pleasant.

The treatment does not break the skin! broken or inflamed skin can not be treated

What are the marks left by Guasha?

Guasha often leaves a bruise-like mark on the problem area (the skin is not broken). These marks are harmless and will heal on their own within 2-5 days. If the tissue is healthy, often no marks are formed. The color and tone of the mark tell about the nature of the problem in the area. For example, very dark marks indicate chronic pain, inflammation or blood clots. Gua Sha works especially well in treating these symptoms!

People are usually very interested in the marks produced by a guasha treatment because it opens up a new understanding of the condition of a person's tissue. Traces are very individual, so you rarely see similar results.

What can Guasha help with?

   Musculoskeletal symptoms (muscle stiffness and pain)
   Weak blood circulation (symptoms of numbness, superficial blood circulation problems)
   Metabolic disorders
   For removing toxic substances (detox)
    Shortness of breath (asthma, cough)

Is guasha painful?

This is the most asked question! Although guasha may seem painful and may create negative prejudices, the feeling of the treatment is not stronger than a traditional massage. More people find the treatment very enjoyable. The treatment is also aided by strong infrared heaters, which are used during the treatment.

Good to know

Gua Sha strongly activates the metabolism, so it is important to remember to stay hydrated after the treatment.

It is recommended to avoid sports or other activities that strain the body for the next 24 hours.
Example of Guasha treatment

- The pictures were taken right after the treatment.
- Treatments are done every week (1 time/week)
- The marks are completely healed between treatments
First treatment
Second treatment
Third treatment

Customer's background information

The customer is a young man who does sedentary work.
He sought treatment due to a long-lasting headache and poor blood circulation in his hands. The client had often woken up at night with numb hands, and it had taken a long time to regain feeling.

He had severe muscle tension throughout his back and neck-shoulder area, which were sensitive to touch.

First treatment

After the first guasha treatment (picture 1), you can see strong blood clotting and possible tissue inflammation throughout. Already from the first treatment, the customer reported great help.

I recommended her a second treatment session, we made a new appointment a week later.

Second treatment

In the second treatment session (picture 2), the condition of the tissue was significantly better compared to the previous session. There were fewer tight spots, the instrument felt smoother on the tissue and the tissue did not react so strongly anymore. Since the middle back was in better condition, there was enough time to work on the lateral parts of the back. The tissue was in good condition and did not react as strongly as the middle back.
However, there were still spots in the client's right lap area where the tissue reacted to the treatment (right-handed)

The client reported that the headaches and numbness symptoms disappeared and the general state of alertness improved. We agreed on another treatment a week later.

Third treatment

At the third treatment (picture 3), the back tissue seemed healthy and good. The instrument seemed to melt in the tissue.
Since the back, neck and shoulder area were in good condition and there was still time left for the treatment, I treated the client's small breast lumps (below the clavicle). The area reacted strongly to the treatment and there was a lot of redness. The treatment immediately helped the mobility of the hands and opened the shoulder ring.


The client reported that the treatment was helpful - The numbness symptoms disappeared and the general state of alertness improved.

He also said that his metabolism accelerated strongly after the treatments.
Guasha strongly activates the metabolism, so it is important to remember to stay hydrated after the treatment.
The person did not find the guasha treatment painful. Acupuncture was not used in the treatments.
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